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Whether you are looking for labels on the roll or the sheet, we have the capacity to supply a wide range of industries and uses, and with some of the latest digital technology available to us we are able to produce fabulous full colour labels with high gloss finishes at the fraction of the price of what was previously available as there are no costly plate charges to consider.

No matter what kind of self adhesive label you need, we can produce.

Our most popular productions are used for:

Point of Sale labels, labels integrated on A4 sheets, Thermal labels for on demand printing (especially as used in the food industry), product and Bar code labels. We can even make labels with special shapes.

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Removable Adhesives

Removable adhesives have enough tack to grip the surface at the time of application but remain in a state that prevents the adhesive from reaching a higher adhesion level.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are generally rubber-based adhesives that have a high initial tack.

Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives are chemically different to hot melt adhesives and have good UV and heat resistant properties.

Minimum Application and Service Temperatures

The minimum application temperature of an adhesive refers to the temperature that the adhesive will still have enough tack to adhere well to a surface when applied.

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